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rad(ical) curriculum | Public Park


Each of DreamYard’s beautiful rad(ical) curriculum books showcases Bronx-based or Bronx-connected artists and community members. Buying one of these books means one book is also being purchased for a young poet in the Bronx.

These small, 15 page books include contextualization for the art or the history that is portrayed, questions for how to approach the art or history, and invitations to create similar art or histories at the end. By ordering and supporting the books at this stage you’ll set us up to fund and create further books in the series, for example a Young Lords at Lincoln Hospital book, a Food Justice in the Bronx book, an Informal Economies in the Bronx book, and a yearly DreamBook, which will include discourse on DreamYard’s chosen themes for the year as well as student art and professional art and prompts on the themes–this year our themes are Connect & Liberate. Join us in this beautiful revolution of art, history and curriculum!

NOTE: These books will not ship before 1/30/21. We thank you for your patience while we print them.

If you’d like to support even more books for students, you can click the Donate button above, and mention that it is for the rad(ical) curriculum books!