Black Box

“A Day in the Life of Rehearsal” — This is the first part of a play that the theater students at PS 811x@BHSVA are working on, inspired by a script from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, where they and encounter prejudice and call it out while they try to plan a party. Enjoy this sneak peek from a rehearsal.

Mystical Colorful, Things and thoughts that has kept us happy during this pandemic year.

PS 33 students engaged DreamYard’s of Connect and Liberate in interviews.

Our dance has explored both the question of “Who Am I?” and who we are in the ways we connect to others around us. What do we believe in? How can we build powerful community? How can we show kindness? A dance encompassing a mix of movement styles and music!

Here are our monologues about pets we would like to have!

The play ONE – Blue gets picked one by Red, a bully. One comes in and helps Blue and the other colors (Orange, Green, Purple and Yellow) stand up for themselves. When they do, they transform into numbers!

A trailer for Matthew Westerby Company’s upcoming performance, “A Mind’s Descent”

Exploration of Joy – join Jaz Astwood and her after-school class of middle school students as they explore where they come from, who they are and how to create joy.

During a school year where we’re striving to build community online with 9th graders that have never met each other in person before, it’s hard to engage. But by creating small groups where work together create their dances and edit their own videos together, they create a unique connection with each other. something they truly are proud of and happier with. Featuring students from Teaching Partner Damaris Nunez’s class.

In class we considered what it truly means to be confident and what happens when we focus on collective power!