HERE-TO-HERE (H2H) is a first of it's kind program in the Bronx, created—using a collaborative pedagogy designed by DreamYard, Big Picture Learning and the James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation—to build interest- & passion-based career pathways for 14-24 year olds in the South Bronx. 

Today, our nation is not doing a good job preparing young people for the needs of a rapidly changing labor market, particularly those growing up in low-income neighborhoods. 

Arguably, the most pressing obstacle facing our students and families is access to economic and educational opportunity. H2H is DreamYard’s response to that lack of opportunity. Upon finishing high school and/or college, our DreamYard students have struggled to find access to a career.  H2H was formed in 2015 in collaboration with The James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation and Big Picture Learning to address this need. 

Today, we are introducing our young people to career pathways and professional mentors who share their interests. HERE-TO-HERE will support students through a guided pathway to a promising career. Students will build their personal networks and gain social capital through summer youth employment, internship learning, and overall relationship building. They will continue their career development by identifying and securing industry-recognized certification and degrees. Students participating in H2H will have the opportunity to propose and implement their own business ventures. Students will work closely with a dedicated staff as well as employers, schools and local organizations to design and support a thoughtful career pathway that launches students into family-sustaining careers by their mid-twenties.

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