Young Professionals Committee

Our community of supporters has not only enabled our programs to grow and flourish but created boundless opportunities for our young people to access: mentorship, service learning projects, internships, mentorship and more. 

The mission of the Young Professionals Committee is to create a professional opportunity and resource network with and for the DreamYard community. 

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) aims to build bridges between DreamYard and the broader NYC community by providing opportunities throughout the year for Members to convene and build a cooperative rooted in the core values of DreamYard: Activate, Create, Connect, and Nurture. 

We aim to build a collective of volunteers under 40 who are rising leaders in the fields of art, community organizing, finance, education, marketing, tech and everything in between, who are committed to moving our work forward by dedicating their time, talent and passion to DreamYard.

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Benefits of being a YPC member include:

  • Networking opportunities with other dedicated young professionals, social change agents & the DreamYard Board of Directors

  • Gaining experience in & knowledge of the non-profit sector, including event planning & outreach, & access to leadership opportunities within the YPC

  • Invitations to exclusive DreamYard events and performances across NYC

  • Being a leader and catalyst for positive change in the lives of young people!

The success of DreamYard’s YPC relies on members who:

  • Attend at least one YPC, DY event or service day within each year of membership

  • Share their YPC experience within their networks and invite others to YPC activities and events

  • Believe that access to the arts and a quality education is an essential component for the future success of our young people

  • Commit to identifying and uplifting the power and cultural assets that exist within our Bronx community of educators, artists, dreamers, young people and life-long learners, and encourage the principles of justice, unity, equity, creativity, and joy

  • Leverage their personal and professional skills and networks to further the mission of DreamYard

  • Join quarterly check ins with DreamYard liaisons and YPC members via email and/or phone, providing updates, dates for upcoming events and opportunities

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Ready to get involved?

Young Professionals Committee Members 2019-20

Jason Acosta

Sara Cao

Bradley Elkman

Kalene Faricellie

Chris Lai

Sarah Larson

Ayaris Perez

Billy Saunders