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DreamYard decided to document our approach to teaching and learning in order to catalyze the DreamYard Effect throughout the Bronx and in other communities around the nation. The DreamYard Effect is realized when a critical mass of individuals are encouraged and supported to stretch beyond real or perceived boundaries to imagine and be catalysts for a more equitable world. It is the embodiment of inspiration, collective organizing, and action through creative practice, placekeeping, cultural preservation, social justice, and community empowerment. 

The following resources came out of a documentation project conceptualized and co-managed by Hillary Kolos, Director of Digital Learning and Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers, Director of Professional Development. All of the resources are a result of the creativity and commitment of the DreamYard community over 25 years. Built into our efforts is the affirmation that art is action, making room for future generations to continue to tell it like it is and create new narratives.


Teaching Tools


Racial Equity Resources


Student Work