Digital Learning at DreamYard

At DreamYard, digital learning is an essential aspect of preparing our young people and families to become the creative leaders of the future. By integrating digital learning tools and practices into our existing art and social justice programming, DreamYard is working to close the digital divide and amplify the creative voices of young people.

Similar to DreamYard's approach to arts integration, digital literacy is taught by weaving it into existing programming. The use of digital tools and practices across all the artistic disciplines enhances DreamYard’s efforts in arts integration and social justice pedagogy, giving our community access to new creative tools, audiences, and networks.

Digital learning initiatives at DreamYard include the development of Maker programs, summer digital literacy intensives, professional development for teaching artists, and an ongoing partnership with Parsons School of Design to develop digital learning portfolios.

About Digital Learning Portfolios

Since 2013, DreamYard and Parsons School of Design have partnered to bring The Learning Portfolio Project to schools and educational organizations across New York City. Our unique approach aims to make the digital portfolio development process more accessible to all students and support them in telling their own learning story.

A Learning Portfolio is an online, multimedia collection of an individual’s work, including finished pieces, reflections on and documentation of process, research and examples of other’s work that inspire them. They can come in many digital forms from a blog to a website to a slideshow, sharing both process and product in a way that is organized and easy to navigate.

Learning Portfolios are part of a turning tide in student assessment that focuses on the whole student and looks more deeply at what is possible than what is shown through test scores and grades.

Currently, The Learning Portfolio Project is working with several schools and organizations in NYC to adapt the approach for both in and out-of-school contexts. If you are interested in learning more about the Project please email Hillary Kolos, Director of Digital Learning at

The Learning Portfolio Project is supported through a generous grant from The New York Community Trust’s Hive Digital Media and Learning Fund.

Michela, an alumni of the DreamYard Art Center’s Bronx Art Collective program, shares her experience developing a learning portfolio at Parsons’ Portfolio Summit